Chairman's speech on the opening of Shenma Mall on July 1

To All Shareholders of Arion Group:

Thank you all for staying with us all the time. I would like to remind you one of the ideas that I gave you back then: a brave and strong man do not die, if die, die with vigor and vitality. His name will be raised and heard. All human beings are created equally. Today I want to give you the idea that the sea can be filled, and the mountain can be moved. If we work hard enough, we can change our life! Destiny is in our own hands. We can change the destiny of inequality as long as we rely on our own efforts. We need to remember that one's achievements are made, not born. As long as we put enough efforts, there will be a success day.

More than a decade of experience has shown that poverty can be changed and the rich can be mass-produced. Sales are the king and consumption is the most important part of wealth creation. Scientific inventions are like lightning in the sky, industrial manufacturing is like the transmission line that leads it to the ground, and you are the battery pack. Only the wealth stored in your wallet is the purpose and destination.

It is not easy for us to meet here. Here we know each other, accompany each other, and cherish each other. There is a proverb in China saying that if a strong heart is not old, dead can still be a hero. I view myself more like an enlightenment, a dreamer, walking alone in the Nevada desert, searching for dreams….

Dream is the most important thing in life. It is not late to have a dream at any time. Ten years ago, I was wandering in Australia in a winery called hunter valley. At that time, I was hungry with only a credit card which has not been paid for a while. I don’t even know if the card will work. There is a KFC just right in front of me, so I walked in and asked for the cheapest meal. There is an introduction of how Kentucky start his business in the wall. When I saw it, I cried for ten minutes. People cannot be poor, poverty is considered as a sin! Kentucky started his own business at 65. I still have 15 years to endure and struggle. I wiped off my tears and bowed silently to the wall. I believe one day I'll get out of this, and I'll come back here. Then I went on a journey full of suffering...

I always feel that I was blessed and guided by god. My career failed in 1994. On the first day of the New Year I went to The Sichuan Deyang Luojiang White Maguan Wanfu Temple. Baimaguan is also the place where the Pang Dynasty of The Three Kingdoms was shot down. In Wanfu Temple, there is a 1500-year-old tree from Han dynasty called Bashu first strange tree”, which was struck by lightning and was burned for three times but still resurrected. In the heart of the tree, there can be seat 10 people. I was thinking: a tree is even stronger than a person, which can fell but survived three times. I do not know whether I will be success one day. I silently made a wish: please Buddha bless me over the difficulties, I hope one day I can drive a Benz and BMW. If that wish comes true, I will donate money to repair the mountain gate. Six years later I have a Mercedes again! I also donated money to the temple. It is interesting that there was a famous Deyang Light Fair in that year, and our chongqing office of pharmaceutical industry was regarded as a lucky place. Every year after the Spring Festival, we would drive from Chongqing to make a pilgrimage. Today, the Chongqing office has become a large company with several pharmaceutical factories. It is them who gave me $200,000 and saved my life when I was homeless in Australia.

Our enterprise must have faith, must have the moral standard, and work under ethical principle. We should not eager for quick success, cheat or abduct. We should not make false products or being despicable. Instead, we need to help each other, understand each other, be mutual tolerance. It is difficult to go through this difficult journey without being romantic heroism. Let us work together to light our future and lead us to the rich.

It is not late to have a dream. ARION GROUP is the new beginning of our dream. After the success, I hope to meet with you in the Hunter Valley, to talk about the prosperity of the world.

ARION GROUP is a listed company with stock code ARGC. It can be searched in baidu or yahoo at The company's business focuses on the healthcare industry, including natural and organic cultivation, raw material extraction, pharmaceutical and health products production and food processing industry.

In recent years, we have successfully produced a variety of scientific Chinese medicine in the United States with remarkable outcomes. They are popular Chinese medicine in the United States. Our customers in China also have many good reviews on our product. ShenMa mall is the first project launched by the company. ShenMa mall is based on the United States with business globally. It completes the perfect transformation from the traditional industry to e-commerce. We have stumbled on the Internet for more than 10 years. We have countless dealers but not many of them made profit in the end. So how do we make our members financially free by making money and keeping their assets, owning equity, owning digital assets, having passive income forever? This is something I've been thinking about all the time.

When ShenMa mall launched, our old members can have a dollar of our stock if buy a total of RMB 147 product. We want all shareholders develop together. This is also viewed as the exclusive benefit for our members who have always supported and trusted us.

Next, the company will launch the second, third and fourth projects with only one purpose, which is to let our members live and work in peace and contentment. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam are our original member markets and will also weight most in our future development. A company with a global vision is the one you can trust for life. We are partners, we work together to add 20 times, 200 times a dollar to the stock!

We are already growing high-value economic plants at the Palm Springs Indian Reserve in California, USA. ShenMa mall members also began to start stock giveaways. Stock can only be sold, not bought, and the number of stocks keeps increasing. In the future, the value of our shares will rise. Every member who owns shares is the owner of equity assets.

Our second following project is: Wallet Digital Exchange. Issuing corporate tokens “hebi”, which is on behalf of the Chinese culture: “Harmony generates wealth” and “Everything prospers through family harmony”. Based on Bitcoin, we issue COINS on a currency basis. Members and COINS mining revenue come from what the mine machine excavates the real-time income.

At present, the ShenMa mining machine in Dali Yunnan province has high computing power. It is running day and night at a very high speed. It is considered as adding the future digital assets to our members every day. In other words, we are transferring the cheap water and electricity fees and the friendly environment from Yunnan into real money.

Looking to the future, we will soon expand the production of the United States and other new pharmaceutical factories, the construction of electronic tobacco factory, chocolate factory, fudge factory, beverage factory, winery, as well as the new medicinal plant base and extraction factory in Southeast Asia. We welcome you to visit and happy to be your tour guide. As long as the policy permits, we will continuously send products to the world, let people taste, sell, and generate profit. You all are shareholders of the company, and the factory is the machine for you to build wealth. Enterprises without core technologies will never have a future, and only your real vertical e-commerce will be the king of the future!

Seven years ago, a member introduces Bitcoin to me. At that time, it was only RMB800 per coin. Unfortunately, my mind did not keep up with the trend. When Bitcoin broke through 110,000, I was devastated: If I had bought 20,000 bitcoins for everyone and given them away. We will all be rich now.

From now on, every member in this room will be transformed from practitioners to capitalists who own equity and digital assets. ShenMa mall will become assembly lines of multimillionaires and billionaires.

Compared with other projects in the market, from ShenMa mall, natural planting base, raw material production, deep processing of series of products to the real bit-mine, each of our mall consumption transactions are real. We have a large customer base. Each project has a real application scenario and an effective function process. We took every step literally, not cheating, not faking, and always abide by our guidance.

Finally, we share the same encouragement with everyone: we should be responsible for the future, we should try our best to fulfill our promises, we should welcome the inner search, we should act without waiting, be sincere without hypocrisy, and work hard without speculation. There is no such thing as a free lunch, there is no unearned profits. Lucky may not fell on everyone and we cannot all be lucky. only hard working can change our fate and change the fate of our future generations! We need to come together to be successful. Many years ago, I said, "We are all angels with one wing. Only by embracing each other can we fly freely." Today we form a phalanx of wild geese, borrow each other to fly together, turns our consumption performance into capital to our stock appreciation reward!

A group of people need to be united if they want to change their fate. They need to help each other, cooperate with each other, encourage each other, share information, and learn from each other. This is the same as the operating system from the insurance company. There is a proverb in China: Ten thousand people exercise a bow, all for a same target, every shot works.

The process to generate profit is like walking a tightrope, it will not succeed with even one link missing. Modern science and technology are becoming more and more sophisticated, they require people to come together to solve the problem. If people in a company is not closely connected and helping each other, it is unlikely to generate profit. By focusing on improving every employee in the company, we will create more great wealth.

Thanks again for your trust and support all the time. Let us pursue our dreams, seek common development, and share the wealth together. Thank you! Oh, I forgot to mention that I am the chairman and CEO of this company. Please approve me to work for you until the achievement of a stable and healthy development of the company. I will then hand in the company to you and complete the highest value of my life! Thank you all again!

Wrote on July 1st in Los Angeles, California

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